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Wrist Sprains: Essential Information Below

Just like any other sprain, wrist sprains are an injury to the ligament. The wrist has several ligaments this means that the chance of a sprain is increased. The most commonly injured ligaments in the wrist are the collateral, dorsal, and volar ligaments. The most common method of injury is the extension or flexion of the wrist. The treatment of wrist sprains is essential because the wrist is such a commonly used is of the body, that re-injury is high. Also, because people need to use their hands and wrists so often, typically the period of rest that should be taken after an injury is not. This can result in an improper healing of the current injury as well as the heightened chances of injuring that same wrist again. As tough as it may be, it is essential to rest and ice the wrist. To make sure that the area is rested, there are many different products that can be worn. The most common in the first few weeks after wrist sprains is a compression bandage or tensor. These can be provided by the hospital or physician, or they can be buyd at any drug store or pharmacy.

However, with wrist sprains it is more commonly advised than with other sprains that a splint be worn for quite a while after the injury. There are many different types of splints available. The most common splint is one that is made of cloth or fabric but then has a metal supportive bar that can be shaped to the curvature of the wrist. This metal bar is located in the splint on the underside and extends up the forearm. Because the splint is somewhat flexible while being supportive it can be worn during most activities. These activities could include cooking, typing, other computer work and even worn during some sports. There are also splints that offer a little less mobility if the injury is a little worse. These splints are typically made from hard plastic that does not bend and keeps the wrist in one place. The splint that you should wear will probably be suggested by your physician or physical therapist so that it is not quite so much of a guessing game. Because the wrist is such an important body part and used so often, it is important that the injury heals as best as possible so that the possibilities of a re-injury are reduced. Several injuries to the same joint can result in arthritis and arthritis in the wrists can be quite debilitating. Wrist sprains should be taken seriously so that mobility and daily activity are not reduced.

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