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Wilderness First Aid and WEMT

To survive in the wilderness is one of the goals of an outdoor adventurer. For this to achieve, an adventurer should be equipped with the necessary materials such as a survival kit that includes wilderness first aid kit.

A survival kit is normally prepared by soldiers. To prepare for war is one of the duties of a soldier. This kind of attitude should also be emulated by outdoor adventurers. To prepare things for a wilderness adventure and to be prepared for risks should be included in the checklist. Training in wilderness first aid could help in the survival of outdoor adventurers.

Wilderness first aid is a discipline that relates to utmost care in isolated areas. Emergency medical services in the remote areas could be hard to obtain or may take a long time for the services to arrive. A person who is trained in wilderness first aid and carries a first aid kit is important in a group of adventure travelers.

Person who has been trained in wilderness first aid should have a first hand knowledge on how to treat particular symptoms such as hypothermia and hyperthermia, altitude sickness, fractures and toothache. Training in executing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation is utterly important particularly in a life-or-death situation in the wilderness.

It is important to have a Wilderness First Responder in a group of adventure travelers. They are part of various groups of medical professionals that can deal in emergency situations in isolated areas. This individual is trained in Wilderness First Responder Course. Medical organizations such as American Red Cross can provide that kind of training.

Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician is a course given to individuals who want to be trained in wilderness first aid. There are other wilderness training courses available in the United States. However the training course holds the distinction of being the second top level of emergency medical training for application in wilderness settings. The Wilderness Medical Associates, Wilderness Medicine Institute of National Outdoor Leadership School, Remote Medical International and Stonehearth Open Learning opportunities are some of the primary WEMT training providers in the United States.

The wilderness first aid training may vary in various schools and in wilderness training providers. Most schools permit other health care professionals to have certification in wilderness first aid practice. The course in wilderness first aid can be taken by individuals in addition Emergency Medical Technician training.

For more information about wilderness first aid training, you can search the websites of the main providers in the United States. An instance would be National Outdoor Leadership Schools website which can contain a section about the wilderness first aid course offered by Wilderness Medical Institute.

If going out on a wilderness adventure, it is better to be equipped with wilderness first aid kit. Having at least one trained wilderness responders in a group is also necessary and relevant for wilderness survival.

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