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First Aid – What Exactly is First Aid?

For those who don’t know what First aid really is, here’s the answer in a couple of words:

– first aid represents emergency care that can be given to a sick or wounded individual with no delay and can sometimes even save the life of the person in need of it. First aid is given before any professional medical aid. First aid is formed by a couple of relatively easy procedures and medical practices that can be executed by a regular person, which isn’t a doctor, with the condition that they have sufficient knowledge to perform first aid.

First aid is meant to stop whatever injury one may have from aggravating. These procedures aren’t very hard to learn and almost anyone can apply them in real life situations, though there are some individuals that tend to panic in an emergency situation. This is why when an emergency occurs and someone is hurt or injured first aid becomes essential and sometimes people passing by, that knew first aid techniques, were able to help the person in need or even save his/her life!

First aid procedures can be very helpful for numerous conditions such as cuts, wounds, heart attacks, burns, bleeding, dog bites, choking, poisoning, electrocution, stings and many more. First aid procedures can even be useful in case of an illness at home or at the work place, or even in cases of car accidents. The most important thing about first aid is that there are a couple of all important elements that are crucial and will determine the level of usefulness that one will give while providing first aid. For example:

– a wounded person will not be moved from it’s initial place, except on occasions when it’s not safe to leave the person in the current location. Also, a tip here – try to avoid approaching a casualty unless it is a recognized, safe place. It could easily be a trap and the seemingly injured person could only want to steal your money or belongings as soon as you approach him. So be very careful who you chose to help out!

Any way, you should definitely know first aid for your sake and others as well. First aid could end up saving your life some day! Or you could even become the savior of someone else and just imagine how great it feels to save someone’s life! Isn’t this worth learning a couple of first aid techniques