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Hey! Show Me Pictures of Broken Bones

So you want to show me pictures of broken bones? Whatever for? Actually there are plenty of reasons why someone would say, show me pictures of broken bones. In fact, the internet has many requests for broken bones pictures for a number of reasons.

Doctors looking for research study patients
Students interested in looking at x-rays of real broken bones
Curious people who are just interested in broken bones
Family and friends who want to know what happened to a loved one

Its easy to read about a spiral fracture or a transverse bone fracture, but its much harder to understand exactly what it looks like. When you need to see the real thing, its time to say to the world show me pictures of broken bones! The internet has opened up whole new opportunities for study and learning, because you’re no longer limited to just pictures in a book.

There are all kinds of bones in the body. They are long, short, round, curved, flat and irregular. All together, most people have 206 bones in their body and any one of them can be broken. You have to be careful when you tell someone to show me pictures of broken bones. Thousands of pictures can be found on the internet showing any one of most of the 206 bones broken.

Broken bones hold a certain fascination for people, because we consider the skeleton to be the sturdiest component in our body. Most of us never actually see a bone either. Bones are just something we know we have and need, and really don’t pay much attention to until something goes wrong. Its like the old adage says: out of sightout of mind.

Through research, doctors have learned bones do a whole lot more than giving bodies structure and enabling us to bend and move. Bones contribute important elements to the whole system we call a body. Broken bones are a disruption of the system. When someone says to show me pictures of broken bones, he or she understands injuries to bones is a critical disruption of that system. We can all learn a lot from pictures.

In addition to all the serious reasons for wanting to see pictures of broken bones, there’s one not so serious. Some people say to show me pictures of broken bones out of simple curiosity. There’s nothing wrong with that either. The more you understand how the body works and the types of trauma it can experience, the easier it is to deal with situations when they arise. If you see pictures of bone damage done from stiff-arming an accidental fall, the images just might prevent broken bones during a future fall.

There’s so much to learn about broken bones, and a great place to start is with images. So show me pictures of broken bones!