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Effective Management Of Scrapes And Bruises

Accidents are the main cause of scrapes and bruises. Everyone gets them, especially children when they are playing or learning a new skill and elderly people. Elderly people can get scrapes and bruises from simply bumping into a table because their skin is thinner which makes it tear easier. Scrapes occur when the skin is

Simple First Aid For Coral Reef Scrapes

Coral reef scrapes and cuts often result in a red raised rash. Many times these coral reef scrapes or cuts are the result of a fire coral, which is a stinging creature, not a true coral. The reaction to these coral reef scrapes and cuts can vary from one individual to another depending on the

Dont Let Hunting Deer Scrapes Send You Scurrying

Any time you are in the wilderness, scrapes and cuts can happen. When hunting deer, scrapes, which literally remove the skin, are a fact of life. Hunting tree stands brings the body into contact with rough surfaces such as tree bark which can tear the skin. Hiding behind trees as well as kneeling or crawling

Scrapes And Cuts On Children And The Elderly

Scrapes and cuts are bound to happen. Children and the elderly are prone to these injuries. Scrapes, usually caused by falling are not usually dangerous and do not need professional medical treatment. Common cuts, which nick the capillaries, the smallest form of the arteries located close to the skin, generally need typical first aid care.

First Aid Treatment For Cuts And Scrapes

Most of the time treatment for cuts and scrapes can be done without needing professional medical help. The basic treatment is washing the wound, covering it with an antibiotic ointment and then dressing the wound. It is important however to make sure the cuts and scrapes are minor. Treatment for cuts and scrapes that are

Hunting Ground Scrapes Can Be Dangerous

Hunting ground scrapes made by bucks can bring unexpected surprises such as cuts and scrapes. When looking down, hunting ground scrapes, sometimes you are not aware of what is above or beside you. Sharp branches, metal objects or jagged glass can be waiting to snag the next victim. Carrying a first aid kit and knowing

The Importance Of First Aid When Hunting Buck Scrapes

Anytime you go into woods where there is deer you are bound to come across buck scrapes. These are areas of the ground that have been scraped by bucks. There should be gnarled branches and bark missing on trees where buck scrapes have occurred. Even if you are only looking for scrapes, carrying a first

When Making Mock Scrapes Archery Enthusiasts Should Know First Aid

When making mock scrapes, archery enthusiasts should exercise caution especially if they are carrying their bow and arrow or other sharp instruments such as a shovel or knife. Even a stick can be dangerous if the tips are jagged or sharp. It is important when making mock scrapes, archery enthusiasts carry a first aid kit.