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The Correct School First Aid Supplies Can Save Your Child’s Life

We all know the importance of having a first aid kit in our home and car. Many don’t realize the importance of there being first aid kits when we are not at home. Most places that we go to are going to be public places, which are needed by law to have first aid kits for the public in case of an emergency. One place where it’s very important to have first aid kits and first aid supplies is the schools where our children are spending 1/3 of each day. School first aid supplies are probably used every day for one thing or another.

Children are constantly getting bumps and bruises, especially when they are little. Many times, just having a band-aid put on a small scrape will have them feeling better in no time. In most cases, each classroom will have school first aid supplies in a first aid kit. Some smaller schools may just have a couple first aid kits located in a few convenient locations. However, in larger schools, you will be more inclined to see them in each classroom. If an injury happens in the classroom, emergency treatment can happen quicker this way than if the teacher has to go running down the halls looking for the first aid kit with the school first aid supplies they need.

Schools are constantly doing mock drills for fires, tornados and other disasters so they will be prepared in the case of a natural disaster. Although these are major disasters and emergencies, it’s equally important that the schools and their staff be prepared for minor emergencies to prevent them from becoming major emergencies. The best way they can do this is with proper training and having the best school first aid supplies they need.

A first aid kit with good school first aid supplies will have different sizes of gauze pads, rolls of gauze, different sizes of band-aids, adhesive tape, Phisoderm (to clean wounds), latex gloves, burn cream, antibiotic cream, antiseptic wipes, blood clot spray or powder, cleaning wipes, rubbing alcohol and peroxide.

In addition to the school first aid supplies, the school staff should have some sort of EMT training or be certified in CPR. Many times the extra minutes that are spent waiting for an ambulance can mean the difference between a minor or a major occurrence or possibly life and death. School first aid supplies are also more than just a basic first aid kit. The staff has to have first aid storage containers, extra blankets, pillows, cots and duffel bags for carrying emergency supplies in the case of an emergency.