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Make Sure your Restaurant Has the Required Restaurant First Aid Supplies

First aid kits are not only a convenience, but also an important part of everyday life regardless of where we work or live. Most families have a first aid kit in their home just as businesses have first aid kits in the workplace. First aid kits that you see in homes or cars are usually stocked with the basic first aid supplies for everyday accidents or sickness. Each workplace will have a different type of first aid kit and first aid supplies depending on what type of business they are. Many people don’t realize this fact. For instance, a restaurant will have more than a basic first aid kit; they will have restaurant first aid supplies.

Restaurant first aid supplies are needed by law as a preventative and protection for their customers as well as the restaurant owners. Businesses that do not have first aid kits on the workplace are not only putting their employees in jeopardy in the case of an emergency, but are also leaving themselves wide open for a lawsuit. In workplaces such as restaurants, there are not only employees to be concerned with, but customers as well. There are different types of supplies that are needed as restaurant first aid supplies. A simple basic kit will consist of the following restaurant first aid supplies: adult and child CPR mask, a 911 sign, case for wall hanging, one-way valve and latex gloves. Every restaurant is needed by law to have on of these first aid kits. You can buy kits with these restaurant first aid supplies, and the supplies will fit the specifications that are needed by state law.

As much as this particular type of restaurant first aid kit is needed by law, it lacks many of the addition first aid equipment needed on a daily basis that is also needed. Therefore, some restaurant owners will buy more than one kit or they will buy a much larger first aid kit with more restaurant first aid supplies. These type of first aid kits are available for just a few people or commercial size for 50 or 100 people. The following are some of the restaurant first aid supplies you will get in a restaurant first aid kit:

Alcohol pads
3″x3″ Gauze pads
Iodine wipes
2″x3″ Non-stick pads
Antiseptic Wipes
Antibiotic Packs
2″x12 ft. Gauze rolls
2″x2″ Burn Dressing
Fingertip bandages
2″x4″ Plastic bandages
Knuckle bandages
1″x3″ Fabric bandages
Aspirin packs
Cold compress
Latex gloves
CPR face shield
Eye wash kit
First aid booklet
Metal cabinet