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Avoid Deflation: Repairing Punctures on Auto Tires

Odds are that most vehicle owners have experienced a flat tire at least once in their lifetime. If that isn’t bad enough, a good majority of flat tires come about due to a tire rolling over and being punctured by a sharp object, such as a nail, screw, or broken piece of glass.

Change the flat with a spare and get the damaged tired fixed as soon as possible. But if you don’t have a spare don’t worry. Repairing punctures on auto tires is easier than most people think.

Before performing any type of tire repair the tire must first be removed from the vehicle. This helps to access the damage and make the process easier. Remove the foreign object and discard appropriately.

A kit made for repairing punctures on auto tires will seal the hole and allow the inflated tire to last a while longer. These kits are sold at automotive stores, gas stations and some department stores for around ten dollars. Be sure to follow the directions on the kit for proper use as it will make sure that the tire and fix last a long time.

It is a good idea to keep a kit for repairing punctures on auto tires in the vehicle just in case. Include a pump, such as a bicycle pump, as part of the emergency tire repair to put air back into the tire once the plug is set. Plug in compressors are great, but sometimes fail at the worst moments. This is why a bicycle pump may be a better option.

Kits for repairing punctures on auto tires differ by brand. Most come with a tube of rubber cement, strips of sealer, a rasp tool and an inserting needle. Read the instructions to learn how fast the sealer sets up. Also on how soon the tire can be inflated and used. The rasp is for placing cement on the sides of the tire and the needle helps to draw the strips into the hole. Other brands of auto tire repair kits replace the tubes with sticky pads that create the same function.

The kits for repairing punctures on auto tires state whether they are for temporary use or provide a permanent seal. With a temporary kit it is best to set up an appointment with a tire repairman specialist as soon as possible. Too long of a delay may create a larger hole, stretch and ruin the tire.

There are times when the tire can’t be repaired. A tire that explodes, has a large hole or slice, or other significant damage should be disposed of since it is beyond repair. When the puncture is of minimal damage an automobile tire repair kit is all that is needed.