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Make a List of First Aid Supplies to Make Your Own Kit

Many people underestimate the important of having a first aid kit in their home and car. Regardless of how careful we think we are, accidents can always happen when we least expect them. What starts as a minor mishap can turn into something much more serious if we’re not properly prepared. The best way to be prepared is with a first aid kit. Just having a first aid kit isn’t enough if it doesn’t have the correct supplies. Whether you buy a first aid kit already made up or choose to make your own, you’ll need a list of first aid supplies.

When you buy ready-made first aid kits, they usually have all the basics. If you choose to do this, you won’t need a list of first aid supplies. What many people find, however, is that certain supplies go quicker than others do. For instance, if you have small children, you’ll find that you go through many bandages. Children often need bandages on every small cut or scrape they get. If you find you’ve suddenly run out of ibuprofen in your medicine cabinet, you may take out the bottle from the first aid kit. You had every intention to replace it, but sometimes we forget. For these reasons, when you make a list of first aid supplies, get extra of the things you think you’ll use more often.

If you decide to make your own first aid kit, as many do, you’ll need a list of first aid supplies so you know what to buy. You may want to compare your list of first aid supplies with what ready-made first aid kits have in them. They often have items that are seldom used, but you may still want to get them. Following is a list of first aid supplies that will make up a complete kit for your family:

Sterile gauze
Adhesive tape
Elastic bandage
Hydrogen Peroxide or another antiseptic solution
Antiseptic wipes
Safety Pins
Antibiotic cream
Hydrocortisone cream
Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen
Calamine lotion
Instant Cold packs
Alcohol wipes
Flashlight and extra batteries
Plastic gloves
While this list of first aid supplies may seem large to you, these are items that you will probably need more often than you think, especially a family with children. You may also feel this is a lot in terms of expense, but these items aren’t as expensive as one might think. In addition, many of these items can be buyd in discount stores.