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Filling the Soft Sided Empty First Aid Kit

The soft sided empty first aid kit is perfect for the person who wants to create their own set of emergency supplies. There are plenty of pre-stocked kits available for buy, but some people prefer to design their own sets. This gives them the assurance they need that all important emergency supplies to fit their

Auto First Aid Kit One by Land and Two by Sea..

An auto first aid kit is actually useful for storing in more than cars. It also works great on boats, in campers and anywhere else space is at a premium. The auto first aid kit is designed to efficiently store items that might be needed for minor-emergencies while traveling. Boats and campers have limited storage

Travel First Aid Kit for On the Road Again

The travel first aid kit is designed to be stored in compact spaces while still supplying important supplies for potential minor emergencies. In addition, the kit can hold important items for particular needs such as baby wipes for the infant or medications for allergies. The amount and kinds of items in the kits are also

Efficiency in a Home First Aid Kit

A home first aid kit is like a mini-doctor office. Mom or dad runs for the kit when its time to deal with scraped knees on the kids or accidental cuts from doing yard work. A first aid kit shouldn’t be something you hide in a closet and never use. Its a great way to

Baby First Aid Kit Baby MakesA Lot of Supplies

When it was only the two of you a baby first aid kit wasn’t necessary. But now that the baby is part of the family, there are all kinds of things to take into consideration. Once you could walk out the door and not worry about diapers, lotions or formula, but now its second nature

First Aid Kit List: Making Sure Its All There!

A first aid kit list serves the same purpose as any other list. Its a way to insure everything is included in the kit. The list can be used to restock an existing kit, create a new kit or to simply determine whats in the kit. Some industrial or commercial size kits can be very

Trailing Behind with a Horse First Aid Kit

A horse first aid kit can be an essential supply item in the barn or even hanging on the horse. Anyone who owns a horse knows they are a big responsibility. It would be nice if all you had to do was enjoy riding and grooming the horse, but just like people, they get injured

Free First Aid Kit: What a Deal

Anyone would consider a free first aid kit a bargain under any circumstance. It might seem too good to be true, but there are plenty of opportunities to obtain a free kit . Companies selling first aid kits often offer a free kit as an enticement to buy additional supplies. You can get the first

Vintage First Aid Kit When Canvas Went to War

A vintage first aid kit is a monument to those World War II soldiers that first carried individual kits into battle. Hung on their belts, the small kits contained essential first aid supplies such as bandages and water purification tablets. The Red Cross also is associated with the use of first aid kits in the

Red Cross First Aid Kit: Calling Upon the Experts

When you buy a Red Cross first aid kit, its like picking up the phone and calling upon the experts in an emergency. There’s probably no other symbol more recognized for emergency services than the simple Red Cross logo. Its a comforting sign that help is near-by. The Red Cross are professionals with decades of