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First Aid Kit Contents: More Than a Few Bandages

Most first aid kit contents are easily recognizable. Items such as band-aids, gauze and ointment are easy to identify, and its clear when they are to be used. But a first aid kit is a lot more than just a few bandages. Its like having a well-stocked pantry in a single kit. In a home a pantry specifically holds items that are deemed most likely to be used, and in this way the first aid kit is similar.

First aid kit contents can vary significantly from kit to kit. A kit should be well-stocked and contain those items you may have the most frequent need to access. For example, someone who does a lot of cooking will want to make sure there’s plenty of burn ointment and bandages in the kit. Another person who enjoys playing basketball regularly will want a kit with items for treating scrapes and bruises.

Its easy to see how the first aid kit contents can be very different. Many people create their own first aid kits for this very reason. There are several ways you can assemble a personalized kit.

  • Create your own kit using individually bought items
  • Purchase a base kit and add additional items as necessary
  • Purchase a pre-packaged kit and add only medications

First aid kit contents can include a large variety of items from a special body heat preserving blanket to a simple needle. But first aid kit contents should include a lot more than just the traditional items like bandages and antiseptics. The contents should reflect any special circumstances in your family or office also.

The most common personal additions to first aid kit contents are medications and devices necessary for emergency situations. For example, if someone in your home has asthma, the contents of your first aid kit should include an inhaler. If someone is prone to skin rashes the kit should contain special skin medication to treat skin rash outbreaks. Diabetics should have insulin stored in the kit along with a way to administer the solution.

If you decide to add personal supplies to the first aid kit contents, its important to remember to periodically check those items. You want to make sure medications and special supplies are always kept up-to-date and don’t expire.

First aid kit contents can include almost anything people deem important for maintaining good health in the event of a minor emergency. The kit should contain all the traditional supplies for starters and then be supplemented with other specific first aid supplies. Your kit should have plenty of bandages, antiseptic and ointments. But it should also have your medications, spare pair of eyeglasses and maybe an antihistamine. Your choices will depend on your specific needs. The most important point to remember is that first aid kit contents can be unique from kit to kit.

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