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Treatment of Flea Bites on Human

Are you sick of seeing flea bites all over your body? Or are you afraid of becoming a target for fleas? If you want to avoid all this you first have to know more about flea bites in general and flea bites on humans in particularly. Most fleas live off the majority of pets, but can also live off of us people.

People tend to have very dissimilar reactions to flea bites. Some are very predisposed to flea bites and if a flea bites them they can get dreadful allergic reaction to their fresh made flea bites. Other people – and you can call them the lucky ones – never experience the pain of flea bites. They just aren’t affected by the presence of fleas and are not a target for flea bites.

Most flea bites on humans take place on either the legs or the ankles, or even both. The most common human reaction to flea bites is the appearance of a red, hard, itching spot on the affected area. Sometimes, even bleeding occurs, and this mostly happens when you scratch the area where the flea bite took place.

Now that we have talked a little about flea bites on humans and pets let’s talk about what is of most importance to you and that is: how to treat flea bites on human? Don’t just go and see your family doctor right after you’ve experienced flea bites. You can also use these home remedies for the treatment of flea bites on human:

  1. Wash the flea bites with soap r even antiseptic lotion and then use cold water and clean the region. Very important here: Do not use warm or hot water as this will surely stimulate itching.
  2. After the first step you can reduce the swelling by applying a cold pack on the affected area.
  3. It’s important that you keep off from scratching the inflamed area as it is known that flea bites on humans can lead to open wounds and secondary infections.
  4. You could apply calamine lotion or 1% hydrocortisone cream on the region if it’s red and swollen, as these will reduce inflammation.
  5. In special cases, where flea bites get very intense and the itchiness is almost unbarring, you can take an oral dose of Chlortrimeton. This is very effective in relieving itchiness form those pesky flea bites.

Treatment of flea bites on humans using these home remedies should make things better within a few days. In case the condition gets ugly and the affected area is still red and swollen, then you should see your family doctor at once.