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Trailing Behind with a Horse First Aid Kit

A horse first aid kit can be an essential supply item in the barn or even hanging on the horse. Anyone who owns a horse knows they are a big responsibility. It would be nice if all you had to do was enjoy riding and grooming the horse, but just like people, they get injured and sick. Horses are stabled, trailered and ridden on the trail and at any time can be hurt or need temporary medical care.

Many horses travel quite a bit. They are pulled in trailers to rodeos and horse shows or community events. But even the horses that never see the inside of a trailer can injure themselves simply by rubbing against wood in the stable. Keeping a high quality horse first aid kit on hand can help you keep minor emergencies just that minor!

The well equipped horse first aid kit is also designed to deal with sudden traumatic emergencies though. For example, a trailered horse involved in a road accident can become hysterical. If you have a kit on hand containing a tranquilizer, its possible to keep the horse calm so it doesn’t injure itself. The horse first aid kit can be stored in the trailer or the truck so its always on hand.

Just like first aid kits for people, there are many choices of horse first aid kits. You can buy a simple kit or create your own customized elaborate horse first aid kit. Kits are designed in many different styles.

Trailering kits
Hanging on saddle horn
Large stable kits
Specialized kits
Duffle bags
Molded plastic carry-away kits
Wall kits

In other words, you can buy a horse first aid kit in just about any configuration which will work best for your needs. The kits can be buyd completely stocked or empty too. Empty bags or boxes can be filled with supplies you buy individually.

The well stocked horse first aid kit will contain many essential supplies for treating minor injuries, detecting illness and dealing with unexpected situations such as getting caught in a fence. The kit will contain the following as a minimum.

Wound pads
Wound cleaner
Bandage tape
Zinc oxide cream
Antiseptic ointment
Animal thermometer
Epsom salts for drawing out infection
Clean rags

Of course, you can add many other supplies you wish to keep on hand in your horse first aid kit. You can add swabs, alcohol wipes, gloves, hoof treatment and pain relied medicine for example. Your choices depend on your needs. All supplies can be buyd separately so you can mix and match as needed.

A horse first aid kit is an important set of supplies you should have on hand whether stabling, riding or trailering your horse.