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First Aid Kit List: Making Sure Its All There!

A first aid kit list serves the same purpose as any other list. Its a way to insure everything is included in the kit. The list can be used to restock an existing kit, create a new kit or to simply determine whats in the kit. Some industrial or commercial size kits can be very large and contain hundreds of items. A list makes it easy to find what you need quickly.

A comprehensive first aid kit list includes a number of items you may not even consider on your own. The emergency management agencies have created many different lists intended to help people become more aware of the need to be prepared for both small and large occurrences.

Some people create their own lists while others used prepared lists. The lists are often taped to the inside of the box and are used to keep track of the contents. But even if you use a list, it needs to be double checked regularly to keep it current with your lifestyle. Lists are made to be revised and refined over time.

A typical first aid kit list will include the following items from which you can choose the ones you deem necessary. You can print an online list, review it and check the items you want in your first aid kit. In fact, different lists can be created for different kinds of first aid kits. The questions you should ask yourself are as follows.

Should you include a temporary water supply or water purification tablets in the kit?
What kind of non-perishable food would fit in the kit?
How much emergency food is needed for the family?
Which basic first aid supplies should be assembled?
Which supplemental first aid supplies will be necessary?
Are any non-prescription drugs recommended?
Are there prescription drugs which should be included?
Which medical instruments might be necessary?
Are any personal hygiene products necessary?
What kinds of weather protection supplies should be included?
Are special medical needs dictating particular supplies?
Should personal documentation be included in the first aid kit?

As you can tell, there can be a lot of decisions to make when assembling a first aid kit. That’s where a list can come in handy. A first aid kit list makes it much easier to decide which supplies are necessary for your kit.

Even after the first aid kit list is completed and the kit assembled, its important to make sure you make a plan for checking your lists regularly. The non-perishable food items must be rotated to keep them fresh and usable. In addition, products such as ointments or over the counter medications may have expiration dates.