Women Shaving Legs

Womens Razor Burns

Women often get irritations of the skin after shaving their legs and under their arms; nothing is more unattractive than razor burns. Razor burns develop because shaving takes off the outer cells of the epidermis; the skin reacts with blood flow racing to the injury to start the healing process. It is the dilated blood … Read more

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Learning How to Treat Burns

No one wants to get burned, but it happens every day to someone. The burn could be nothing more than a splatter of grease, or as severe as a pot of boiling water falling on you while you are cooking. People get burned in a myriad of ways. What if you are alone and you … Read more

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Electrical Skin Burns

Electrical skin burns is a result of electric current having contact with some part of the body. The severity of injuries caused by electrical shock can be minor to severe and even fatal. Electrical shock can come from faulty wiring; there may be a short or the wire may not be grounded properly. In our … Read more

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How to Treat Burns

There are many ways people can get burned. You can get burned by accident by walking too close to a candle, or you get burned while you are cooking dinner. Someone in your home can get burned and you need to know what to do in case you are called upon to treat a burn. … Read more

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Unprotected Skin in August Burns Red

Almost everyone whose skin is sunburned in August burns red, which stands to reason because August is the hottest month of the year. Sunburns in August burns red because the wavelengths of UVA and UVB light are more direct during the hottest part of summer. Not only is there a threat from direct sunlight, but … Read more

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Pain Relief for First Degree Burns

Almost everyone that cooks has had a first degree burn at one time or another; it would be miraculous if you haven’t. First degree burns really hurt! You have everything you need to stop the pain of a burn right in your own kitchen. If you have vinegar, or honey, tea, egg whites, or potatoes … Read more

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Self Treatment for Burns

You may be burned any minute of any day. Knowing treatment for burns is essential for everyone. You could be burned while you are alone with no one there to help you. Burns can be thermal, chemical, or electrical; either form of burn can be minor or serious. Burns are categorized into three classes called … Read more

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Advancement of the Treatment for Burns

Burn units in hospitals did not make their debut until sometime in the early 1970s; before then there was no established protocol for the treatment for burns. If you were badly burned you were admitted to a hospital to be treated on a medical/surgical floor if the hospital was just a small county hospital. If … Read more

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Camp Fire: This Fire Burns Hot

Who doesn’t love a campfire? Roasting hotdogs and marshmallows are one of the most fun things to do while camping. While it is fun, you must remember this fire burns hot. Camp fires blaze high in the air and it is possible to get burned from being too close to a campfire. Another concern is … Read more

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A Therapeutic Look at Third Degree Burns

Normally one might think of fire when they think of third degree burns, but they can be caused by chemical contact with the skin, and scalding injuries also. Serious burn injuries could be caused by electrical burns. There is many ways to obtain such a serious injury. No matter how the injury happened, there is … Read more