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Baby First Aid Kit Baby MakesA Lot of Supplies

When it was only the two of you a baby first aid kit wasn’t necessary. But now that the baby is part of the family, there are all kinds of things to take into consideration. Once you could walk out the door and not worry about diapers, lotions or formula, but now its second nature to haul a big bag of supplies.

One of the most important set of supplies you should always have nearby is called a baby first aid kit. When you are traveling with a baby, its important to have crucial supplies ready for easy access at all times. Infants and young children can be so unpredictable. One minute they’re fine and the next minute they’ve scratched themselves or swallowed something not meant to be eaten.

When you have a baby at home, a baby first aid kit is just as important. You don’t have to be traveling to need emergency supplies. Lets face it babies can get sick at any moment with very little warning. When the baby is learning to walk the odds of getting boo-boos grows exponentially. A handy first aid kit not only soothes the babys injury, it also offers mother peace of mind.

A baby first aid kit can contain a variety of supplies specifically designed for infants and toddlers. Baby skin needs special lotions, ointments and soap that wont irritate. Bandages and gauze pads should be small for small fingers, toes, legs and arms. Over the counter medications must be appropriate for babies Other kit supplies can include sunburn lotion, childs thermometer, calamine lotion and tweezers. Travel kits can also include dried juice packs for dehydration.

A baby first aid kit should always have two more important items. First it should contain a set of emergency instructions describing how to best handle accidental poisoning, falls causing trauma, allergic reactions and choking. Of course, make sure you read and understand the instructions before you even put them in the kit.

Second, the first aid kit should also have a set of important medical information related to the baby. The list should have the doctor and hospital phone numbers, insurance company name, allergy list and medications the baby is currently taking. This information can be very important if there is a serious medical emergency and the mother or father cannot answer questions.

A baby first aid kit can be buyd already pre-packaged, and you can add any items necessary. Some particular mothers insist on creating their own baby first aid kit starting with an empty container so they are personal assurance everything needed is included. Either way, the important point is to always have a well-equipped baby first aid kit on hand.