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Auto First Aid Kit One by Land and Two by Sea..

An auto first aid kit is actually useful for storing in more than cars. It also works great on boats, in campers and anywhere else space is at a premium. The auto first aid kit is designed to efficiently store items that might be needed for minor-emergencies while traveling. Boats and campers have limited storage space jus like cars, so compact kit design is important.

The auto first aid kit are made to take up as little room as possible while supplying important first aid supplies. The kits can contain a wide variety of items though depending upon your particular first aid needs. Auto kits not only include the traditional bandages and ointments, but also supplies useful when traveling.

Motion sickness tablets
Insect bite treatments
Police call banners
Police flags
Sunburn creams

These auto first aid kit contents are in addition to the gauze, band-aids and aspirin tablets normally found in the household kit. When you’re traveling, its important to be prepared to deal with the many injuries, cuts, burns and insect bites hardy tourists often endure. Its distressing to be traveling the highways, needing a band-aid, and there’s no store in sight. It can be even more disruptive if you are traveling with children who have a real propensity for getting minor cuts and bruises.

Some of the most important pieces in the auto first aid kit though can be the emergency call flags and banners. When you’re stranded on the highway and the cell phone battery just happens to go dead at the same time, the emergency flags and banners can let the state troopers know you need highway assistance. Most states now provide road service assistance which can be a real blessing when you’re traveling. But the only way they can help is if you let them know you’re stranded.

The auto first aid kit is made in several different sizes. Larger packs can be stored in the trunk or under the seat. You can also buy smaller first aid kits that fit in the glove compartment or in the console between the seats. Of course, the larger the kit, the more supplies it can hold. The small auto first aid kit can hold band-aids, ointment, wound pads, tape and even a small supply of important medications.

The auto first aid kit can be buyd in either hard cases or soft sided units. The soft sided auto kits have the advantage of meeting the need for more flexible storage. For example, a hard case kit might not fit under the seat of the car whereas the soft sided should fit nicely.

Some people buy the small auto first aid kit for storage in non-auto sites. The size of the small kits make them convenient to carry in a purse or a backpack, or even on a rubber raft or canoe. So when you think auto first aid, think of land and sea at the same time!

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