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American Red Cross First Aid Services

The American Red Cross first aid programs offer courses that are especially designed to prepare participants in responding to emergency situations. These Red Cross programs teach participants different lifesaving techniques and procedures that cater to the needs of certain individuals or groups. The American Red Cross first aid training program also offer additional information that may be included in first aid training or CPR such as oxygen administration, injury prevention, bloodborne pathogens and many more.
Red Cross first aid training is offered not only for those who are needed to take it, but also to others who want to learn it voluntarily as well. Other than a Red Cross first aid training, hospitals and community centers also offer first aid training courses as well. Whether you are needed to learn first aid procedures or for voluntary purposes, the American Red Cross offers different Red Cross first aid training programs that best fit your needs and specifications. Also, the American Red Cross first aid programs are available and may be tailored for people of different age brackets as well.
The American Red Cross first aid courses are available and designed for the community, the workplace as well as for professional rescuers. Among the Red Cross first aid courses offered for the community include cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for adults, children and infants; automated external defibrillator (AED) for adult and children; sports safety training; babysitters training; basic aid training; first aid for children and pet first aid.
Meanwhile, Red Cross first aid courses for the workplaces helps prepare participants to prepare and handle emergency situations should these arise at work. Courses include standard first aid CPR/AED for adults; training on bloodborne pathogens; modules on injury control and first aid preparedness techniques.
On the other hand, Red Cross first aid training courses for professional rescuers are especially designed for persons who hold specific professions that usually need emergency response and preparedness. These include fire fighters, flight attendants, lifeguards, law enforcement personnel, nurses and many others. These courses include emergency response, CPR/AED training courses; emergency oxygen procedures and disease transmission prevention.
Completion of Red Cross first aid training course is usually within one day. You will also be given a certification upon completion of the training program as well. If you are interested to take Red Cross first aid training courses, visit your local Red Cross to see which programs are available. You can also visit the Internet for the latest updates as well as schedules and information with regard to first aid courses.

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