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The Common Types of Foodborne Illness

A foodborne illness is a disease or an ailment that a person gets through the ingestion of food or even drink that is contaminated with certain viruses or bacteria. When a person gets a foodborne illness, he or she will most likely suffer from such symptoms like stomach cramps, sweating, loose bowel movement or diarrhea,

When First Aid Knowledge Comes in Handy

Because life is unpredictable, it’s always a good idea to know some first aid skills. Even a little knowledge about how to assess an injury can help the victim get the help they need without doing any more harm at the same time. While you might not be able to fix the victim, you can

Wilderness First Aid and WEMT

To survive in the wilderness is one of the goals of an outdoor adventurer. For this to achieve, an adventurer should be equipped with the necessary materials such as a survival kit that includes wilderness first aid kit. A survival kit is normally prepared by soldiers. To prepare for war is one of the duties

Basic First Aid Choking Techniques

While the human body is designed to eat, things don’t always go as smoothly as we would like, which is why first aid choking techniques are important to learn. Whether it’s a child who’s tried to eat something that’s too big to chew or an adult who accidentally inhaled when they should have swallowed, choking

Why You Need to Know the First Aid Symbol

Many people don’t realize just how powerful pictures can be, especially the first aid symbol. Though there are many variations of this design, the first aid moniker is easy to recognize no matter where you are. And this is a good thing. Here are the reasons why you need to learn the first aid symbol

What are the Causes of Food Born Illness?

The main reason why a person gets a food born illness is often because he or she ingested a food that is contaminated by bacteria. Also termed food poisoning, food born illness can occur because of a number of different reasons. One of the more common reasons why the food a person eats can be

The Most Common Examples of Viral Illness

A viral illness is an illness that is transmitted through a virus, and it can either be categorized as a minor illness or a major disease. The number of viral illnesses that a person can catch is actually quite numerous, and many of them can be very detrimental to a persons health. An example of

Finding Accurate First Aid Information

If you’re looking for first aid information, you need to realize that not all information is good information. With the introduction of the Internet, websites have been popping up in record numbers, all promising you the best and more accurate first aid information but is this the truth? When it comes to your health, you

The Different Types of Respiratory Illness

There are a lot of different kinds of problems that people experience that are related to their respiratory systems, and the kind of respiratory illness that a person suffers from can range from mild and manageable to serious and fatal. There are infectious and non-infectious respiratory diseases, with the infectious ones often being transmitted via

Checking your First Aid Kit Contents

Accidents and emergencies can happen anywhere and anytime. You may not know it, but they can occur more frequently than you expect. Accidents may arise from burns, choking, falls, fire or poisoning. That is why it is important to have your first aid kit ready and available to prepare you in case of emergency situations.