Women Shaving Legs

Womens Razor Burns

Women often get irritations of the skin after shaving their legs and under their arms; nothing is more unattractive than razor burns. Razor burns develop because shaving takes off the outer cells of the epidermis; the skin reacts with blood flow racing to the injury to start the healing process. It is the dilated blood … Read more

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Effective Management Of Scrapes And Bruises

Accidents are the main cause of scrapes and bruises. Everyone gets them, especially children when they are playing or learning a new skill and elderly people. Elderly people can get scrapes and bruises from simply bumping into a table because their skin is thinner which makes it tear easier. Scrapes occur when the skin is … Read more

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Care Medical Equipment Options

One of the benefits of having options for buying your own medical equipment through companies such as Care Medical is that you can choose what you want and have the equipment customized if need be. Care Medical is a company that offers medical equipment for sale or rent to private individuals or even to health … Read more

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Learn More about Allergic Reactions to Amoxicillin

When suffering from a bad cold or infection or a bruise, doctors usually prescribe antibiotics so that the wound or cold heals faster. There are different types and classes of antibiotics used specifically to cure different ailments and wounds. One of these antibiotics is amoxicillin which belongs to the class of antibiotics called penicillin. Other … Read more

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Ankle Strains are Only the Beginning

Ankle strains occur when the muscle is over stretched. Therefore, it is important that after a strain of the muscle in the ankle, that treatment is proper and supportive. Although the initial treatment involves ice and rest of the area, more is needed after that typically to make sure that the injury is healed and … Read more

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First Aid and Veterinary Treatment for Horse Heel Bulb Lacerations

Horses can quite often obtain an injury to an area on the back of their ankles above their hooves; specifically this area above each hoof is known as the heel bulb. The treatment for horse heel bulb lacerations is first aid and veterinary care. Heel bulb lacerations are often caused when horses get their feet … Read more

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The Way of Punctures

Small holes caused by a sharp object piercing another object are referred to as punctures. Such holes may come about accidentally, or be done with a specific purpose in mind. Some punctures are surface only, while others can pierce deep into the subject. A doctor visit isn’t normally necessary for accidental surface punctures on the … Read more

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An Overview of the Various Allergic Reactions

Practically everyone experiences allergic reactions to something or the other. Allergies are not contagious or hereditary as allergies form according to the body constitution of a person. Some people are allergic to bee stings, some to latex, some to dust and some to flower pollens. Whichever allergy you may suffer from, it affects only you … Read more

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Hepatic Trauma: Liver Lacerations

Every year thousands of people are severely injured in automobile accidents. Hepatic injuries and more specifically, liver lacerations are most common in auto accidents where there are decelerations injuries. Most often there is a crash and the body is thrown forward into the steering wheel. With that, the right rib cage is fractured, and the … Read more

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Home Remedies for Bruises: Effective and Interesting!

Almost each of the human ailments has a parallel home remedy vis–vis the medical routes, especially the minor and common ones. This is perhaps the most important for the many types of cuts, bruises and injuries we generally get in our daily routine. For one, home remedies for bruises bring with them the great advantage … Read more